Tone Castle

Tone Castle

Anthony Castillo, more commonly known as Tone Castle, is a professional muralist who has worked on murals for some of the biggest names in business, including the NFL, MLB, UFC, Liquid Death, Area 15 and Nightmare Toys. You can keep up to date with his work by following him on Instagram and all other social media platforms under the name Tone Castle.

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Tone Castle Area 51


A Las Vegas native, multimedia artist Tony Castillo has spent most of his life in the pursuit of learning multiple artistic mediums from digital illustrating, woodworking, portrait painting and wall murals. 

Bright colors and solid contrasting outlines are the center focus of Castillo’s work and carry across the many mediums he uses. He often incorporates them into a single piece for unique results and are usually influenced by pop culture and comic books as the subject.
His work is often on display around Las Vegas from restaurants to movie theaters, and he can be seen doing live painting events for local charities and public events. 
Check out below for Recent 

NFL Canvas VS Series


Eleventh matchup mural of the season for the Sunday Night Football Can VS campaign between the Kanas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders

"I leaned heavy into the color scheme of both teams during my sketch and tried to keep the energy it was giving off into a decent flow while still leaving space to add the words and images from the word cloud as we painted.
It was interesting having to work the suggestions posted on social media into the painting but I tried to keep them a little more subtle outside of my flow."

-Tone Castle

MLB Lindor Oakley Presentation 

Mural for Lindor

 A Painting of Lindor, shortstop for the New York Mets, for Oakley that was showcased at the Fashion Show Mall. If you look close, you'll notice that it was painted on a canvas made of official size bases! 

Nightmare Toys

Nightmare toys mural

Massive Murals at Nightmare Toys in Downtown Las Vegas the one stop spooky shop!! Featuring your classic icons of nightmare fuel.

Servehzah Tap Room

Painted with @snipt inside of The Servehzah Tap Room and Bottle Shop. This Mural Showcases two Legendary Musicians from Mexico and Brings them into a new light with powerful Eagles and  ancient Mayan Gods.


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